Greetings LIVE Rock Show enthusiasts! We are a Tribute band like NO OTHER(!), mainly because we pay tribute to numerous Rock LEGENDS, not just one or a few particular artists. We are MIMICURR, and the name and audio tells the concept straight. We are doing a Rock Show from the CLASSIC to the MODERN to the BLUES-BASED acts in hopes to please most Rock followers(and, OK, ourselves too!). Aerosmith to Zep; Alice In Chains to STP; Allman Bros to ZZ Top. Our pitch is to perform this HIGH ENERGY material well, and sound VERY MUCH like the artists that we hail, wail and NAIL! Come see us at venues near you, and listen to vocal impersonations of Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Sammy Hagar, Ed Roland, John Fogerty, Bono, Steven Tyler, Robert Plant, Lou Gramm, Jon Bon Jovi, Jim Morrison, Anthony Kiedis, James Hetfield, Dave Peverett, Eddie Vedder, Caleb Followill, Axl Rose, Tom Petty, Jonny Lang, Layne Staley, Paul Rodgers and many MORE! All players are tribute veterans from PRETZEL LOGIC/The Steely Dan Show; 4Sticks/Led Zeppelin; Sabotage/Black Sabbath amongst others. Can't wait to belt it, and watch what you think about the tunes and how well we mix it down! GIG dates are building, as are the ROCK LOVERS who pay tribute with us! Hope to see you around CT and the Tri-State circuit. : - !

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